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When you find yourself struggling and you don’t know what to do or how to fix things, the answer is right there with you always, God.  Though it is true you turn to those you love which is a natural thing to do and they are there for you but God is the way to bring all of the comfort and support you need.  He will fix whatever is going on in your life and there is no doubt that He can no matter how dark things may seem.

Trust God, He will take care of your every need and give Him your burdens to carry so He can make your load lighter and your days brighter.  There is no way without God because He is the way.

God I Always Need You


Lord I’m not faithful in the way that I should be
In my heart and soul this I can see

I have struggled in so many, many ways
But I look to you for better days

I love, believe and trust in You
Even when I am weak and do things that I should not do

Yet I won’t give up in my believing
For things other than You can be deceiving

Yes I know in my heart you will never leave me alone
Even while I find myself doing things that are wrong

It is You who Forgive and carry me through
And for this God I sincerely Thank and Love You.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!





Father I Call On You


Father it is I
As I bow my head and cry

My tears surely come for many reasons
And I know for everything there is a season

As I bow my head and call out your name
To help me through my struggles and pain

When I try to fix things for myself
You show me it can only be done by You, no-one else

So Father when I worry with things that fills me with stress
I do know that You will help to put my mind at rest

I should pray and just leave it all up to You
Because You know exactly what to do

Trusting in You is the only way out
And that I know without a doubt.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!


Remember To Thank God

No matter how good life is, always remember to Thank God and Give Him His Grace. It is by Him that all things are made possible and not by man. Love Him with all of your heart and not with or through material things. Remember your love and thanksgiving for Him should never fade as will things in Life.

Enjoy God’s Greatest Gift…..Lif

God Forgive Me

God forgive me for my many sins
Sins that I have repeated time and time again
I am so glad that you are a forgiving God
Oh how I thank you for that Lord
Each time You wipe my slate clean
And make life once again gleam
Yet when I fall by the way
You are there with me day by day
You never give up when I’m not who I should be
Because Your goal is to save a soul like me
I am a part of You that You love so much
And I thank You Father for Your Blessed touch
You love, protect and always forgive
In Your Glory I hope to always live.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!


Life-Ask God For Forgiveness

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Repent therefore and turn again that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.

We have all sinned and as we go through our day we may knowingly and unknowingly sin because we are not perfect and that is why we pray “God forgive me for my sins known and unknown”.  If we are able to do this we can be made whole by turning to God in Repentance.  Are you able to accept that you are not perfect but aware that God can change your Life in ways that are refreshing to you but above all making you refreshing to Him.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Life-Treasure God In Your Life


Life is a treasure but a Life without God is a Life lost forever.  Sure things may be going well for you day-to-day but how will they be for you in the End.  So treasure God and acknowledge His good Grace with all that you have each and every day and He will treasure you through all Eternity.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.



Life-Lord My Shepherd


The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in Want.

Ask God for what you want but make sure you ask Him if it is the right thing for you because what we want in our Lives may not be what we need in our Lives.  If you trust Him to provide your wants and needs He will make sure it is that which you need.  God is our provider and our way maker, trust that He will make the way then you will know without a doubt it is the right way filled with all of the wants that are right just for you.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Life-Follow God’s Path


You have made known to me the path of life;

Sometimes we feel we know what’s best for ourselves or I should say most times we think that we do.  But do we stop and think is this what God wants for us! Our wants  often seem so much better than God’s wants but in the end His wants are what works best for us.  That perfect job may not be so perfect after all, that one in a life time man or woman we were dying to get is now someone we hate we met and maybe that house we had to have we can no longer afford and all because we didn’t wait on God and follow the path He has for us.  If we take God’s path we will never go wrong or have any regrets for His way is the only way.  You see, His way is perfect;

Enjoy God’s Greatest Gift……Life

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