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God Forgive Me

God forgive me for my many sins
Sins that I have repeated time and time again
I am so glad that you are a forgiving God
Oh how I thank you for that Lord
Each time You wipe my slate clean
And make life once again gleam
Yet when I fall by the way
You are there with me day by day
You never give up when I’m not who I should be
Because Your goal is to save a soul like me
I am a part of You that You love so much
And I thank You Father for Your Blessed touch
You love, protect and always forgive
In Your Glory I hope to always live.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!


God I Love You


God you are my Rock, my Salvation and my Comforter through all that I do

Even when I’m not always the Christian I should be in You,

And for that I will always be grateful and trust in Thee

From your praying child Lord, Me.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

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