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When you find yourself struggling and you don’t know what to do or how to fix things, the answer is right there with you always, God.  Though it is true you turn to those you love which is a natural thing to do and they are there for you but God is the way to bring all of the comfort and support you need.  He will fix whatever is going on in your life and there is no doubt that He can no matter how dark things may seem.

Trust God, He will take care of your every need and give Him your burdens to carry so He can make your load lighter and your days brighter.  There is no way without God because He is the way.

God Will Bring You Through



When worry, doubt and trouble crowd your mind
And your way through you just can’t seem to find

Call on God for He will see you through
You see this is exactly what He said He will do

He will bring you through when things get hard
And hold you together when you feel you’re falling apart

He said, Trust in Him for all of your needs
Just go down on your praying knees

He will hear your prayer and smooth your way.
For He is with you always, day by day.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

He Is There

When I have done all that I can do, when I have said all that I can say and when I have cried all that I can cry, I remember Lord “You Have Me”. You can wash away my tears, do what I can’t do and make known to me what needs to be known. You are my way maker, my tear dryer, my voice and the Leader of my Life and without You nothing is right. God thank you for Your mercies. Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

Lord Your Gracious Love

God Circle me in Your Gracious Love
Shelter me with Your Strength from above
When I’m falling and can’t seem to stand
Lord I know I can reach for Your protective hand
You are the only protection that I will ever need
From all of Life’s harm I know I am freed!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

Remember To Thank God

No matter how good life is, always remember to Thank God and Give Him His Grace. It is by Him that all things are made possible and not by man. Love Him with all of your heart and not with or through material things. Remember your love and thanksgiving for Him should never fade as will things in Life.

Enjoy God’s Greatest Gift…..Lif

God Forgive Me

God forgive me for my many sins
Sins that I have repeated time and time again
I am so glad that you are a forgiving God
Oh how I thank you for that Lord
Each time You wipe my slate clean
And make life once again gleam
Yet when I fall by the way
You are there with me day by day
You never give up when I’m not who I should be
Because Your goal is to save a soul like me
I am a part of You that You love so much
And I thank You Father for Your Blessed touch
You love, protect and always forgive
In Your Glory I hope to always live.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!


God Said He Will

God said, Let not your heart be troubled
When you are, know that My Love and Protection has doubled
When you are worried and things are wrong
Don’t worry He said, I will make you strong
If life has you down and you don’t know what to do
Trust In Me, I am here with you
Your way may seem dark and you may feel lost
I will lighten your way and guide you at any cost
You will be well and all will be fine
I will take care of you because you are a child of Mine
This is what I do for I am your Heavenly Father
And for all that I do for you, it is never a bother
I will always walk with you hand in hand
For it is what I do and for you I will stand
I will always be there right by your side
For I am your Heavenly Father, Your Heavenly Guide.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

Wait On God


God said:  I have promised many Blessings to those who wait on Me.

Wait on God to lead your way
To be your protective Guide throughout your day
If you, yourself try to figure it out
You will surely fall short without a doubt
Waiting on Him is what He wants you to do
For He will pave a Blessed way because He said it was true
He has promised His all to those who wait
Start now trusting in Him, for it’s never too late.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life

Trust In The Lord

Trust in The Lord with all of your Heart, do not depend on your own understanding.
When your faith seem tried
And your mind is really tired
Your belief is in doubt
You’re having trouble figuring it out
Just know when things go wrong
It is God making you strong
He wants you to turn to Him to straighten your way
Because doubt, trouble and disbelieving will surely lead you astray
Remember no matter what life brings
God is your answer to all these things.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

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