Oh what a beautiful day it is. Have you had those days when you looked towards Heaven and thought to yourself how wonderful it is to be alive. How wonderful it is just to see another day. How beautiful the sky is even when it’s cloudy and what’s beyond those clouds. I have and it’s a feeling of gratitude. I feel so Blessed to say “Lord I thank you for allowing me the awe of looking towards Heaven to You”. Something that is as simple as a look towards the sky.

When I look at thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou has established; God has allowed us so much. Life is a gift. I take such joy in taking in the freshness of the morning breeze through my window. I look at the green grass and I often cry because I feel so Blessed to be able to wake up once again just to be able to do that. I know for some this may sound silly. Considering today’s climate, it really isn’t. Another day is a treasure. I’m so thankful, God is good. When I look towards Heaven it is a silent whisper to Him of thanks.

When I look towards Heaven, Father I thank You
I am so grateful that I am able too
When I look towards Heaven I sometimes close my eyes
Because I know you can sense my silent cries
Whether of joy, whether of pain
My look towards Heaven helps me to sustain
When I look towards Heaven I feel Your love
Because I know in my heart You are watching and protecting from above

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life!