God Life Us



August 2020

He Is Everything


What is there not to understand
God is in control of this entire land
There is you and there is me
From the birds in the sky to water in the sea
To when we laugh and when we cry
Also to when we live and when we die
He knows our ups and our downs
From the smiles we share as well as the frowns
He knows our heart and our mind
Whether we’re good or unkind
So there’s nothing in this life that we control
Because it is He who Rules our very soul.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!.

photo credit: pixabay

He Is Your Father

Your tears are His tears
Your fears are His fears
Your joys all comes from Him
Give thanks every day for them
The Lord will see you through your harshest pain
He is with you and will help you to sustain
He is there with you when times aren’t good
That is His way and that should be understood
So please know our Father will never leave you
For He is forever by your side, through and through
This is the Father we should all get to know
And carry Him with us wherever we go.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

He Will Forgive

I have fallen short of His Glory
I’m sure you’ve all had this story
We’ve all said, Lord Please Forgive Me
I need Your wisdom I know You see
That I can be a better child
One that can be saved from a world that can be wild
I know by you I am actually saved
No matter how much I feel my life has caved
By You I will be lifted up
And filled with Your wondrous saving cup.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

Take Your Troubles To The Lord

If your world seems as if it’s falling apart
Take your troubles to the Lord
He will carry you through your troubles and pain
Through your sorrow, hurt and the continuing rain
He will pick you up and carry that load
As He watches your troubles slowly unfold
Your joy will come as He promises for you
Just walk with Him while He leads you carefully through
God is your Savior, the one you can always lean on
You see, He will never leave you, He covers you always from His Throne.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

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