God said, Let not your heart be troubled
When you are, know that My Love and Protection has doubled
When you are worried and things are wrong
Don’t worry He said, I will make you strong
If life has you down and you don’t know what to do
Trust In Me, I am here with you
Your way may seem dark and you may feel lost
I will lighten your way and guide you at any cost
You will be well and all will be fine
I will take care of you because you are a child of Mine
This is what I do for I am your Heavenly Father
And for all that I do for you, it is never a bother
I will always walk with you hand in hand
For it is what I do and for you I will stand
I will always be there right by your side
For I am your Heavenly Father, Your Heavenly Guide.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!