Father, where would I be without You in my Life
Would I be happy or living a life filled with strife
Would I be lost, lonely or filled with anger
Or maybe living a rough life filled with danger

Would I be stressed, can’t get my head right
Or would I be depressed, down or so uptight
Would I want to run away and never look back
Or chasing a life on a backwards leading track
Maybe my life would be overwhelmed with pain
Involved with bad things that draws me in over and over again
Would I be sick and can’t leave my bed

Maybe so bad, I feel I’m almost dead
But because I have You Father these things aren’t true for me
You are with me, beside me and said “I got you, you see

So don’t worry sweet one, you will never be without Me
For I am with you for all Eternity”.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!