Do you feel alone, you are not
Do you feel forgotten, you haven’t been
Do you feel unloved, you are
Do you feel unforgiven, you have been
All of us at some point have felt these things and honestly may be feeling this way right now. It is only human not to want to feel this way from those in our lives but the reality is, so many of us deal with these very things on a daily basis. But with life comes the misfortune of hurt, loneliness, sadness and anger, things that we are forced to face from those in our lives and people of the world at any given time for many different reasons. We learn to live with and adjust our lives to this but there is someone who will never fail us, never forget us and above all, always forgive and love us, Our Holy Savior. The One who will never forsake us
. So when you feel you are forgotten, you are not and never will be.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!