Have you gotten on your knees to pray
But you’re so weary you hardly know what to say
You ache so much from head to toe
Not knowing how your broken heart can still go
You mutter quietly, then loudly so many words
Wondering how can God understand and have you been heard
Do not worry, He has indeed heard your cries
And He’s waiting patiently to dry your weeping eyes
Whether you call out His name or simply moan
God hears you and is by you, you’re surely not alone
Even when your prayer is in your heart, He can feel it
You just get on your knees and He will seal it
Answering all that you ask of Him because He can
For this He will do for every woman, child and man
A prayer is our talk with Our Heavenly Father
So get on your knees and NEVER feel it’s a bother!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.