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March 2019

Wait On God


God said:  I have promised many Blessings to those who wait on Me.

Wait on God to lead your way
To be your protective Guide throughout your day
If you, yourself try to figure it out
You will surely fall short without a doubt
Waiting on Him is what He wants you to do
For He will pave a Blessed way because He said it was true
He has promised His all to those who wait
Start now trusting in Him, for it’s never too late.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life

Trust In The Lord

Trust in The Lord with all of your Heart, do not depend on your own understanding.
When your faith seem tried
And your mind is really tired
Your belief is in doubt
You’re having trouble figuring it out
Just know when things go wrong
It is God making you strong
He wants you to turn to Him to straighten your way
Because doubt, trouble and disbelieving will surely lead you astray
Remember no matter what life brings
God is your answer to all these things.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

God Is Almighty

Behold, God is almighty and does not despise any. He is mighty in strength of understanding.

Have you hurt someone and longed for forgiveness
It’s bothered you so much you could not find rest
You looked to God for salvation
To help you work out the painful situation
You go down on your knees and pray with all of your might
And there comes joy not so far away in sight
You see God will work wonders if we just let Him
Removing from our lives all that seems so grim
For He is mighty and loves unconditionally
So He will work out your problems and set your heart free.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

Lord I Am Grateful

Lord I am grateful and I need You always
You are the reason for my Life and my beautiful days
No matter what Lord, I give you the glory
And just like that, I don’t have to worry
You so graciously put my mind at ease
And I never forget to go down on my knees
To say to You how Great You are
And to let You know, You are my Heavenly Star.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

Father Where Would I Be Without You

Father, where would I be without You in my Life
Would I be happy or living a life filled with strife
Would I be lost, lonely or filled with anger
Or maybe living a rough life filled with danger

Would I be stressed, can’t get my head right
Or would I be depressed, down or so uptight
Would I want to run away and never look back
Or chasing a life on a backwards leading track
Maybe my life would be overwhelmed with pain
Involved with bad things that draws me in over and over again
Would I be sick and can’t leave my bed

Maybe so bad, I feel I’m almost dead
But because I have You Father these things aren’t true for me
You are with me, beside me and said “I got you, you see

So don’t worry sweet one, you will never be without Me
For I am with you for all Eternity”.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

God Is With You

Do you feel alone, you are not
Do you feel forgotten, you haven’t been
Do you feel unloved, you are
Do you feel unforgiven, you have been
All of us at some point have felt these things and honestly may be feeling this way right now. It is only human not to want to feel this way from those in our lives but the reality is, so many of us deal with these very things on a daily basis. But with life comes the misfortune of hurt, loneliness, sadness and anger, things that we are forced to face from those in our lives and people of the world at any given time for many different reasons. We learn to live with and adjust our lives to this but there is someone who will never fail us, never forget us and above all, always forgive and love us, Our Holy Savior. The One who will never forsake us
. So when you feel you are forgotten, you are not and never will be.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

God My Life

God’s Love is Strong
His Protection is forever long
He will always forgive
As Long as you should live
Our Father, You are our amazing Grace
You are with us through this Life’s race
Children, God is all that you need
Remember these words and please take heed!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.


Have you gotten on your knees to pray
But you’re so weary you hardly know what to say
You ache so much from head to toe
Not knowing how your broken heart can still go
You mutter quietly, then loudly so many words
Wondering how can God understand and have you been heard
Do not worry, He has indeed heard your cries
And He’s waiting patiently to dry your weeping eyes
Whether you call out His name or simply moan
God hears you and is by you, you’re surely not alone
Even when your prayer is in your heart, He can feel it
You just get on your knees and He will seal it
Answering all that you ask of Him because He can
For this He will do for every woman, child and man
A prayer is our talk with Our Heavenly Father
So get on your knees and NEVER feel it’s a bother!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

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