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February 2019

You Saw Me

In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth
You created me and gave me my worth
You made me in Your image, Oh what a beautiful thing
In Your Holy Name, Your praises I sing
I thank You always for giving me my Life
Even with all of my tolls and strife
Because without You there would be no me
But in Your image it was me that You could see
You gave me my chance without any regret
For that God, You, I will never forget
I thank You daily for all that You do
Because Heavenly Father, I am nothing without You.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life!

I Have Sinned

I know I’m not the Christian I should be
Yes Lord, this truly bothers me
I hurt for the things I’ve knowingly done wrong
Also for letting things go on for so long
I pray for forgiveness for all of my sins
Praying to let this new feeling begin
Of walking in Your most Godly ways
Through all of my humble days
You forgive us Father and never think twice
Oh what a Blessing to have a God so nice
One who will love us no matter what we do
For that Father we all so graciously Love and Thank You!

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

My Prayer

Lord teach me how to be the Christian I should be. I have sinned and I have been weak but you are my Forgiver and my Strength. I stretch my hands to You and I open my heart to You so that You can show me how to be the Christ like child I am meant to be. Lord I love You and I am honored to have You as the head of my Life.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life.

God How Do I Thank You

God how do I thank You for all that You do
And to show You how much I truly love You
By doing what’s right and living the way a Christian should
By being humble, honest, spiritual and all that is good
I thank You more than mere words can say
I thank You more than can be shown in my worldly way
For all that I am it’s because of You
I pray I live Life in Your Spirit in all that I do
If that’s how I can thank You, I would do it you see
Because it’s letting You know, You have a True Believer in me.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life.

God I Open My Heart

God I opened my heart to let You in
You entered and said “Child Let’s Begin”
I knew my walk would sometimes be tough
But You stayed beside me when things did get rough
Bringing me to the brighter side
Showing me to trust only You to be my guide
For without Your warm and loving arms
My Life would be faced with many, many harms
You never left me even when I disobeyed
And because You are You Lord, I know why You stayed
That is why I love you so much!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life.

Always Pray

I pray to my Heavenly Father so very much
Is it too often, It isn’t, there’s no such
God will hear you no matter when
He will always listen over and over again
Whether it’s the same or a different prayer you want Him to hear
Sure, He will accept it, never
ever fear
His heart is always open waiting for your call

Just turn to Him with it, that simple, that’s all!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

God’s Undying Love

God has for us an undying love
His Heavenly Protection comes from above
There is nothing that His power cannot do
For any of His children from many to few
Our God He is our Amazing Grace

He holds us close to Him, what a glorious place
Being close to Him on earth to the very end
And once more when our Eternal Life begins!

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

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