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January 2019

He Is My Savior

He watches me as I shed my tears
He sees me as I face my fears
He hears my heart as it silently aches
And He watches me as my strength slowly breaks
He knows that I’m struggling to hold on
But lets me know that I’m not alone
He says your tears washes away all that is wrong
And I am working to make you strong
He said for all that you may go through
I am by your side, always, right there with you
I am your strength, I will hold you close
Because I am the one who truly knows
That you need Me each and every day
And I will be there for you, Come What May
I will never leave you for I am God!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Loving God

I love God with a Love that is pure
A love that is lasting, one that will endure
A love that can’t be broken nor forsaken
A love not complicated one that can’t be shaken
Oh what a sweet love for my Heavenly Father I give
Love unspoken, love that will always live.
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life.

HE Is Life

There’s no way in Life to make it without Him
Not with things, not by yourself or by them
He is your moment, your hour and your just now
But without Him there is nothing, no way, no how
So pay attention, please take heed
He is your way maker, all that you need
Understand that God is what Life is
And everything and everyone is His
He will watch over you if you trust that He can
For He is the Savior of every woman, child and man!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

He Truly Loves Me

Lord I turn to you so please hear my cry
You never look to me and ask me why
You answer me with a loving smile
And say to me “I have you my child”
I know in my heart you are my salvation
As I am to You, one of your most precious creations!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gifts…..Life.

Call On Him

When troubles come and you feel worn out
Call on the Lord, He is there no doubt
He will walk with you in all that is wrong
Right there by your side making you strong
Still if your burdens seem to much to bear
Don’t give up, trust Him, He is still right there
He will carry you over and through all of your pain
You can always believe and turn to Him again and again
God is always with you, yes close by your side
For He child, is your Savior and your Loving Guide!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Lord It Is I

Lord It is I
Please Hear My Humbling Cry
As I call On Your Holy Name

Help Me In My Life To Sustain
It Is Only You That I can Call
To Catch Me If I Should Ever Fall
To Pick Me Up and Carry Me On
It is You Father That Keeps Me Strong!
Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Heavenly Father

Lord I love you when I’m weak and torn
I still Trust and Believe when I’m weathered and worn
Because through it all there is no one-nothing like You
That can fix any and everything the way that You do! Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Lord Hear My Plea

Lord Hear My Plea
As I bare my soul to Thee
I cry from deep within
As I start my day again
My heart is heavy and I can barely go on
But I know Lord you won’t leave me alone
Hear my cry and I know that you will
Because You Heavenly Father Know Better Than Anyone How I Feel

With Trust in You I will make it through
Heavenly Father no one fixes us like You.
I Love You Lord!

God I Love You


God you are my Rock, my Salvation and my Comforter through all that I do

Even when I’m not always the Christian I should be in You,

And for that I will always be grateful and trust in Thee

From your praying child Lord, Me.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

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