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August 2018

Life-Follow God’s Path


You have made known to me the path of life;

Sometimes we feel we know what’s best for ourselves or I should say most times we think that we do.  But do we stop and think is this what God wants for us! Our wants  often seem so much better than God’s wants but in the end His wants are what works best for us.  That perfect job may not be so perfect after all, that one in a life time man or woman we were dying to get is now someone we hate we met and maybe that house we had to have we can no longer afford and all because we didn’t wait on God and follow the path He has for us.  If we take God’s path we will never go wrong or have any regrets for His way is the only way.  You see, His way is perfect;

Enjoy God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Life-God Is Your Protection


Be strong and courageous.

Throughout Life there’s so much we face that we are afraid of.  It can be people, a new start in Life, illness and even ourselves.  What we must know, God is by our side.  He will take away your fear, keep you safe, guide you and protect you from whatever you feel is causing you to be afraid.  Trust Him to knock down those frightening barriers and pave the way for you.  He is your protector and He is with you wherever you go, so just hold on to His hand as you walk through this life of uncertainty.  God is there surrounding you with more than you can ever imagine.  So  do not be terrified!!

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life



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