Life is full of lessons learned, use yours wisely so you may be able to teach someone else.  Your lessons taught could very well be the help to turn someone else’s Life around.  Make yours something to remember with pride.  For God gave his Angels the gift to lead others in Life and you may very well be that chosen Angel .  Take your guidance seriously for you never know where that may lead someone in a time when it’s most needed.  Let your lesson from God be a Blessing for someone else because He has Blessed us all with a gift of Giving even when it may not be readily seen.  Remember, Blessings are free so never stop giving even if it is just from experience.  You can never beat God giving and His gifts are not always the big things that you see, it can surely be from a lesson learned passed onto someone else so they won’t make a mistake that could ruin their lives.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

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