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April 2018

Life-Being Unique In Your Own


Everyone’s Life is one of a kind.  God knows us each from the other.  Though we all have so much in common, we are all unique in ourselves.  Each one of us is God’s unique child and each of our lives are His one of a kind creation. How we treat ourselves and those in our lives is what makes us unique to Him and is what God sees in us individually.  Make sure your uniqueness shows you are Living in His Will and for that, He will Bless you with your own unique Blessing as only He can give.  Though we all are loved the same, we will not all be judged the same.

But now, O Lord, you are our Father, we are the clay, you are our potter, we are all the work of your hand.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life.

Life-Troubled Times-He Is Our Way


Let not your heart be troubled, Believe in God, Believe also in me. Lord we know not whither thou goest and how can we know the way. Jesus said unto Him I am the way, the truth and the Life! We all face times of troubles but it is through those times that God draws us to Him. He seeks us to make sure we do not forget that He is in charge of our lives and our way. You see we get complacent in Life sometimes forgetting to thank God for what He has done and is doing for us. So as troubles arise or hard times come upon us, it is His way of saying to us Here I Am-Turn To Me, I Will See You Through And Trust That I Will. Though we never know where this Life will take us, just know if you travel it with God everything will be alright. Remember walking with God is the most important walk of your Life.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

Life-Life With God


What is life without God. Life for us can be like a beautiful flower. We can grow and bloom into something beautiful if we allow ourselves too. This is how God wants his children to be even though there will be hard times, troubled times and times when we may just feel ugliness. Remember, it is you that He sees and to Him you are His child and you are a beautiful soul. Also remember as long as you never lose your trust and faith in Him, that beautiful flower He sees will always be. Even if you lose your way, keep your heart open and trust Him to always lead you back to that beauty He sees in you and for you that faithful love you have for Him within your heart and soul will always bring you back to where you always belong.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

Life-Let Us Love One Another As God Would Have Us


In Life it is so easy not to love each other but why should we chose not too. We are all children of God and without Him none of us would exist. It is by this alone that we should all learn to accept who may we feel is different. Reach out, help and above all love each other. For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting Life. Oh what love that is. He loves us all, not just some of us but all of us. So how sweet it would be if we love each other no matter what the way God wants us to as He does. It cost nothing to love but a lot to hate.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life

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Life’s Treasures-Birth God’s Blessing


Life is the best Blessing that a person can have.  It is true those in our lives are also our treasures given from God, so Birth for us all is God’s Greatest Gift.  We are all His special ones so how we live our lives is how we show Him our appreciation for Life.  It is also good to remember how we live it is also how we will receive it.  Never, ever take life for granted because tomorrow is Not promised so show God today how happy you are that He has chosen you to give a chance at Life.  Remember, for those in and around your Life know how to treat or preserve and treasure them always for Life can bring about many changes. Don’t ever forget, God has given us as the Blessings and Treasures that only He can give, for it is not our doing.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life

Life’s Lessons-God’s Way of Giving


Life is full of lessons learned, use yours wisely so you may be able to teach someone else.  Your lessons taught could very well be the help to turn someone else’s Life around.  Make yours something to remember with pride.  For God gave his Angels the gift to lead others in Life and you may very well be that chosen Angel .  Take your guidance seriously for you never know where that may lead someone in a time when it’s most needed.  Let your lesson from God be a Blessing for someone else because He has Blessed us all with a gift of Giving even when it may not be readily seen.  Remember, Blessings are free so never stop giving even if it is just from experience.  You can never beat God giving and His gifts are not always the big things that you see, it can surely be from a lesson learned passed onto someone else so they won’t make a mistake that could ruin their lives.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

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