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September 2017

Life and Strength


Are you always trying to be strong for yourself and others, if so, Stop, relax and let yourself enjoy a moment of weakness.  Always working to be strong in Life actually drains you of your strength which means you are hurting yourself more than you are helping others.  Remember in Life everyone deserves a moment a of weakness.  Weakness is what brings you closer to God.  You see God is our source of strength not ourselves so he allows us to be weak so we can turn to Him for strength.  No matter how hard our walk in Life gets, look to Him for strength to carry us through, for He can carry us through Anything.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift…..Life.

God and Those In Your Life


Those who love you, will love you more than Life itself and those who will cry for you will cry like no one else.  Those who will lay down for you will do it like no other can and those who will stand up for you will do it like the strongest man.  Those who hurt for you feels all of your raw pain and I’m sure these things they will do over and over again.  But through all of this there is One who feels, knows, holds, carry and loves us more than anyone ever can and that is God.  For He is already there taking care of everything for us even before it happens.  So no matter what is going in our lives, we must never forget God is already and always there for us and giving strength to those in our lives to help us through whatever we may be facing.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.

Life and Healing


God said He heals the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.  Take your pain, worry and sorrow to God, let Him soothe you with His loving Spirit for it is He that can heal all that you go through, no one else.

In Life we suffer many sorrows but knowing that God is always there to ease your pain and smooth your way is all the comfort we need.  Lay your burdens on God, let Him carry them for you so you will see He is and He will always be your comforter, you are not alone.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift……Life.



Life-Celebrate It


When do you celebrate Life, is it only when something good happens or do you celebrate because you have Life.  Celebrating Life is what we should do at all times, not just when something wonderful happens.  Never forget, no matter what your day brings, Life is still a precious gift from God so cherish it.  Remember from the tough times we will receive the good times and all of this makes our Lives worth being grateful for. Celebrate Life and Love Life because it has a way of loving you back, from God.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life

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