Is Life treating you fair?  This is a question you may ask yourself from time to time.  The answer is “Simply Yes” because you wake-up every day given the opportunity to ponder that question.  Think about it, the Gift of Life.

We all sometimes have those days when we may get depressed and feel thing are overloading us, so we find we’re starting to feel sorry for ourselves and our situations.  We wonder “Why Us” but the truth is, Life was never meant to be one way at all times.  We face the bad which makes us appreciate the good, then we realize just how wonderful this Life we have can be and how God will never let us suffer always.  This is not how He wants it to be for us and this is why we should never feel Life is unfair. He wants the best for us  in this Life he has given us.  Does He Love Us, Simply Yes!!

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life

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