Remember Life is what you make of it so do not waste it.  Wasting it is like being ungrateful for having it.  God has given us this gift so by unwrapping it and using it well will let Him know how eternally grateful we are for having it.

What are you making of your Life!  I don’t mean a title or your job.  Are you making a life that’s welcoming in the eyes of God!  Are you using your gift of Life to make someone else’s life good-by caring, sharing and helping them when needed!  Just remember, never waste your abilities to be a Blessing whenever you can.  Wasting your Life is a waste to more people than you can ever imagine because whether you know it or not, God gave you Life to help others even if it’s in little ways.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life

photo credit:  geralt/pixabay.com