Life can be short.  You never know when, where or how so make sure you are always in the right place.

Don’t walk away and say I will make up tomorrow, don’t say harsh things and say I will  apologize later, don’t forget to say I love you and say I will tell you later, don’t break hearts and figure you will eventually work it out and don’t forget to Forgive because you may have to live with the guilt of never forgiving.  These are some of the things that many of us take for granted thinking we will have time to take care of it later.  You see never plan on later, in a little while, maybe tomorrow or next week because Life doesn’t promise us any of these.  God has given us His loving Grace to show us what to do in order to make sure we don’t have any regrets about the “What Ifs” and “If Only I Had”, so are you following His Grace and following his way of Life.  When, Where or How, words to ponder.

Embrace God’s Greatest Gift….Life

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