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January 2017

Life – Simply Yes


Is Life treating you fair?  This is a question you may ask yourself from time to time.  The answer is “Simply Yes” because you wake-up every day given the opportunity to ponder that question.  Think about it, the Gift of Life. Continue reading “Life – Simply Yes”

Life’s Worries


Life is not always easy.  There will be hard times, lonely times but good times and joyful times, all of these makes Life what it is. Continue reading “Life’s Worries”

Life Is What You Make It


Remember Life is what you make of it so do not waste it.  Wasting it is like being ungrateful for having it.  God has given us this gift so by unwrapping it and using it well will let Him know how eternally grateful we are for having it. Continue reading “Life Is What You Make It”

Life- Your Dearest Friend


Life is like a true friend, you should treasure it, treat it well, love it dearly and Thank God For it. Continue reading “Life- Your Dearest Friend”

Life In The Right Place


Life can be short.  You never know when, where or how so make sure you are always in the right place. Continue reading “Life In The Right Place”

Cherish Life


Never take Life for granted because it is what you Begin with and End with.  Though you think you may have it all or think you know it all, Life can always surprise you. Continue reading “Cherish Life”

Life And Receiving


The key to receiving in this Life is giving.  Your biggest joy is seeing the happiness giving can bring. Continue reading “Life And Receiving”

Life Is A Gift


Life is a Gift that no man can give.  It is a gift from God so love it, cherish it, appreciate it and enjoy it until He decides to take it back. Continue reading “Life Is A Gift”

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